Everything You Wanted to Know About the 2018 Tournament

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What is the cost:

How do I register?
Registration is now closed!

Can I mail my registration?
No, you must process your registration online, however you may mail your payment to:
Bridgetown Invitational Tournament
P.O. Box 80084
Portland, OR 97280

What is the handicap?
90% of 230 (We have a team average cap this year of 880), those who enter above 230 average receive zero handicap (No negative handicap will apply.)

I won a free entry, what do I do?

Location, Location, Location!
Where will bowling be held?
Crosley Lanes, in Vancouver! http://bitbowl.org/bowling-house/

What are the tournament rules?
Please see here for our 2018 rules: http://bitbowl.org/tournament-rules/

Do you have a host hotel?
Yes! This year we do! The Holiday Inn Express is our host hotel: http://bitbowl.org/tournament/host-hotel/

What is the schedule of events?
Registration begins at 11:45 AM Saturday, September 29. Singles Event starts at 1:00, Doubles Event at 4:30 – Teams on Sunday, September 30, at 10:00 AM

Our full schedule is here: http://bitbowl.org/schedule-of-events/

What are your side-pots?

! (Scratch and Handicap) $5.00 per entry

Optional All Events
$10.00 – A separate pot with 80% payout – Expected Cash Ratio (based on 20 entries) is 1:4 – All Scores, with Handicap or Scratch, qualify to determine the all-events winner!

Burnside Blind Doubles  –
 Pair up with a mystery date!  $5.00 per entry – A separate pot with 80% payout – Expected Cash Ratio (based on 20 entries) is 1:4 – All of your scores, with all of your mystery partner’s scores, with Handicap, combined to pay out!

Throughout the event, we’ll be running:

The Bridge is Still Standing 50/50 Strike pot  – $1.00 per ticket
How does it work, you ask? If your ticket is drawn, you’ll draw a card between 3-8 — Your task, to win the pot, is to leave those pins STILL STANDING (cause in a city of bridges, we’re hoping they never fall down!)  If the person misses, the pot rolls over to the next game (we’ll draw two chances each game.) If it rolls over all the way to the end, we’ll draw till someone wins!

Have more questions?
Have you looked here for information? http://bitbowl.org/tournament/

Question still not answered? Check out our contact page: http://bitbowl.org/contact-us/