Our Fifth Anniversary Tournament

Registration is now closed for our 5th Anniversary Tournament.

The Bridgetown Invitational Tournament committee has been hard at work preparing to bring you our best event ever. Traditionally, a fifth anniversary is celebrated by a gift of wood, but this year’s tournament will be on synthetic! We’re crossing the Interstate Bridge this year and going to Crosley Lanes – All bowling will be back to a single house this year and we have a Host Hotel very close to the alley.

More information can be found here


Side Pots!  We’re going to be doing a few fun things this year.  We’ll have the following side pots to try your hand in:

Brackets, Brackets, Brackets!
Optional All Events – A separate pot with 80% payout. All scores, with handicap, to determine the all events winner!
Burnside Blind Doubles – All Events (Pair up with a mystery date!)

And throughout the event, we’ll be running The Bridge is Still Standing 50/50 Strike pot –  How does it work, you ask? If your ticket is drawn, you’ll draw a card between 3-8 — Your task, to win all the monies, is to leave those pins STILL STANDING (cause in a city of bridges, we’re hoping they never fall down!)  If the person misses, the pot rolls over (we’ll draw two chances each game.) If it rolls over all the way to the end, we’ll draw till someone wins!