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Tournament Was a Success!!

11-7 Dan & Sisters

Tons of Fun – everyone was happy with our bowling tournament this past weekend.   Happy with the lanes (wooden), happy with the alley staff, happy with the raffle prizes, happy with the Sisters ticket selling antics, happy with the registration party, happy with the banquet in a Mexican restaurant and VERY HAPPY with our posted payouts!!

We will payout over $3800 and that is $1500 more than last year with two less teams!!    Winner list will be posted as soon as it is available from the registrar.     Thank-you all who help make this weekend PURE JOY!

11-6 girls

11-8 Fab Shoes

Registration Is Now Open!!

Please check out our refreshed – registration page!  We have extended the deadline due to the late of start of the 2015 league season – to October 31st, yes Halloween!


Cost is $100 per bowler – guest banquet is $17.  

All ready for on-line data entry or print off the handy pdf for postal mailing.    On-line entries can be paid for via Pay Pal using your debit/credit card or PayPal account – although note there is a $3 charge for EACH bowler. 

Dan, Wes or Renee’ can also take your completed entry form (with payment) at bowling on Friday nights!  Or mail to address listed on the first page of the registration form (pdf).

Garage SALE!!!! Date Change!!

7-31 Sharon andYes, we are having a garage sale  fund raiser – way too much fun!!!

September 5th & 6th (Saturday & Sunday) at the Morrison St Bar & Grill – 1205 SE Morrison St!

Come on out and see what you can NOT live without!

We are taking donations for this event – give Renee’ a call at 503-231-7085 for a pickup of your items.

We totally appreciate everyone’s support – THANK-YOU in advance!

Remember we are  501 (c) (3) Oregon Corp and will be happy to give you a receipt for your taxes – just ask!

BIT Nine-pin No-tap Aug 21, 2015.

9-pin No-tap fundraiser,  Aug. 21st

Time:        7pm

Place:       Kellogg Lanes in Milwaulkie

Cost:         $15  shoes included

Come join us for a fun evening of bowling and help us raise some money for our tournament coming up in November.  Bring your friends, family, co-workers…raffle prizes, $25 high score for each 7-31 Laura the animal hogame,  Furries side pot game, and much more!  Hope to see you there!

Photo is from last 9-Pin event on July 31st – Laura is the Animal Ho of our group!   Come on out and guess the bowling score of an animal of your choosing – $5 per guess.

Brews for New Avenues

Announcing a great event from our non-profit partners this year…New Avenues for Youth.

Brews for New Avenues

5-10;30 Saturday Sept. 12th

At the Left Bank Annex

101 N Weidler

$10 general admission, with one free drink token

and a commemorative glass.

Craft beers on tap/food carts/live music/

craft beer auction/beer floats/ben and jerry’s rootbeer

floats for designated drivers.


Blue Moon Bowling Fundraiser

Come join us for a fun night of bowling on the Blue Moon July 31st.

Come have some fun with us on July 31st bowling on the blue moon!  This is a fundraising event for our Tournament coming in Nov.

When  July 31 at 7pm.

Cost    $15 includes shoes

Where  Kellogg Lanes in down town Milwaukie

Bring friends and family , everyone is welcome

Raffle prizes, side games, and Ice Cream!!!  Come have fun with us and have  a great night for bowling!



9-Pin No-Tap – June 26th

Come on out and play bowling – right in the middle of summer!   June26th – Friday at 7 PM – Kellogg Lanes in Milwaukie.

We had some fabulous games last 9-Pin, so lets keep it up!   Tons of fun PLUS raffle prizes!      Your support will help us make our upcoming tournament in November a great success!

Stay in tuned with us by letting us send you an email for each event – sign up now!

Two more 9-Pins this summer on July 31st (Blue Moon) and Aug 21st – both are Friday nights.     All the fun, shoes & 3 games will cost $15.00 – and of course, we thank-you for your support.

BIT Committee – Dan, Wes  Renee’

2015 Non-Profit Partner

Bridgetown Invitational Tournament is a 501 (c) (3) Oregon non profit corporation. Our Mission is to promote amateur bowling events in Portland and to make our world a better place to live. Each year we plan to give out 60% of our leftover monies to other non-profits.

This year we chose New Avenues for Youths: Our mission is to work in partnership with our community to prevent youth homelessness and provide homeless and at-risk young people the resources and skills needed to lead healthy, productive lives. Our Vision is a community in which all young people have a safe place to call home and the support needed to thrive. New Avenues for Youths was formed in 1997. Note: 40% of the homeless youths today have a history of the foster care system and 40% of all homeless youths identify as a member of the LBGTQ community! We proudly and willingly agree is support such a great non-profit this year!


9-Pin No-Tap Results

Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you to 44 people who attended our fundraiser event on May 22nd! We are deeply honored you chose to spend your Friday night with us. Well, we were a success!! With 44 bowlers, we were able to hand out 3 top score cash prizes of $25 each – although a person could only win once!

Many raffle prizes were won – everyone had a GREAT TIME – friends laughed all night long! The three scores to mention are: Braddley 256 in first game, Brian turn in 250 in the second game and Cole ALMOST rolled a 300 in the third game, but missed out in the 11 frame; his score was 287!

Unfortunately, we did not take any photos (what is up with that?) – so I am adding some old photos from years past bowling events for your enjoyment! We will make surVanc team 03-03e next 9-pin to have a camera AND use it!!! NOTE: this is Sue Muzik bowling in her own alley!!!! Sue alley bowl

Next 9-Pin No-Tap is June 26th at Kellogg – come play on wooden lanes – at 7PM and the cost is $15. The cost does included shoes if you need them! Thanks again to everyone who attended and we hope to see even more in June!


9-Pin no tap events for summer 2015

9 Pin No-Tap Bowling Events being held @ Kellogg Lanes. Once a month through the summer, May 22, June 26, July 31 (blue moon), Aug 21.
All events start at 7pm, $15 entry fee for each bowler, includes shoe rental, Bring friends and family…all are welcome. Bring extra cash as we will have raffle prizes, and loads of fun for all.

9 pin no-tap
An apparent perfect hit for a strike but one pin is left standing.
9-Pin No-Tap Bowling-is a variation of tenpin bowling. The general rules are the same as they are for tenpin bowling. If a bowler knocks down nine pins on their first shot, it is scored as a strike. the pins are then reset and you move on to the next bowler/next frame. The bowler does not have to shoot a second shot. Knocking down all pins still counts as a strike also.