Non-Profit Partners

The Bridgetown Invitational Tournament selects a non-profit partner each year at their annual meeting. At year’s end, BIT will give 60 percent of their remaining capital to selected non-profit partner, in addition to other donated items.

2023 – partner not selected.

2022 – SuperPlay Junior Bowling Program. Contact Superplay for more information about the program.

2021 – no partner for this year (no bowling).

2020 – no partner for this year (no bowling).

2019 – ARTemis Arts. ARTemis has a mission to advance the woman artist through knowledge building, exposure, and support. ARTemis serves self-identifying women artists across three artistic sectors: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and Literature.  This organization works to improve conditions experienced by female arts professionals through an array of programs, educational opportunities and professional consultations.  Focus is on the artist, their confidence, abilities and promotional capabilities, as well as women-focused creative organizations and producing entities.

ARTemis Arts also supports a bridge program with individual women athletes including professional women bowlers, Lindsay Boomershine, Elysia Current and Maria Jose-Rodriguez on the PWBA tour.

2018 – Camp KC. Camp KC is a program of Cascade AIDS Project (CAP). As a component of CAP’s year-round Kids Connection program, Camp KC is a great opportunity for children whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS to spend a full week together, making new memories, and building trusting and supportive relationships, while enjoying a fun camping experience. BIT donated $1,000 at the end of tournament this year!

2017Friends of Trees. Friends of Trees is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving Oregon and Southwest Washington. Our mission: to inspire community stewardship of our urban forest by bringing people together to plant and care for urban trees and natural areas.

2016 – Cat Adoption Team. Mission: The Cat Adoption Team (CAT) was founded in May 1998 as a safe haven for unwanted and abandoned cats and kittens. Today, CAT is the Pacific Northwest’s largest nonprofit, adoption guarantee cat shelter.

2015New Avenues for Youth. Providing a Path of Hope and Possibilities to Homeless and At-Risk Youths.  On January 7th the BIT committee donated $1,000 to New Avenues for Youths; the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence received $400 at end of tournament.

2014 –  Ester’s Pantry. $510 at year end and mucho tons of items for the pantry taken in.   Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence –  $400 at end of tournament.