The I-5 Showdown Trophy

General information about the 2022 I-5 Showdown.

2022 – Oregon retains the trophy!

Eyefivey the TrophyWith 256 points, Oregon keeps the trophy for another year. Look here for photos of the further adventures of Eyefivey the Trophy! 😲

2020, 2021

I-5 Showdown cancelled due to COVID-19.

2019 – Oregon takes the trophy!

The Cucumber Kamikazes (of Oregon), the team points winner of the 2019 I-5 Showdown.

2018 – Washington takes the trophy!

  • a man and a woman smiling happily and holding the trophy
  • disco-ball trophy with four large rings arranged around the base
The Real OC (of Oregon), the team points winner of the 2018 I-5 Showdown.

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