Add a convenient link to the Bridgetown Invitational Tournament (BIT) website right on your phone!

image of the Bitbowl icon

What does it do: Once added to your phone, this icon acts only as a link to the website of the Bridgetown Invitational Tournament ( This is not an app. It does not collect any information or do anything other than open the page in the default browser on your phone. Learn more.

To add the icon on your iPhone:

how iPhone looks with BitBowl icon added

NOTE: to do this, you should use the Safari browser on your iPhone.

  • At the bottom of your iPhone screen, right now, tap the “Share” button. This is the little square button with the up arrow.
  • Scroll down a little and tap “Add to Home Screen.”
  • Change the name of the icon to “BitBowl” if it’s not already that. Don’t change the URL below the name.
  • Press “Add” at the top right!
  • Done! You can move the icon around to different places on your phone, same as you would for app icons.

To add the icon on your Android phone:

how Android phone looks with BitBowl icon added

NOTE: to do this, you should use the Chrome browser on your Android phone.

  • Tap the menu icon (three dots in upper right corner).
  • Tap “Add to homescreen”.
  • Enter “BitBowl” for the name if it’s not already that.
  • Tap “Add Automatically” or choose a location on your home screen.
  • Done!

Technical note

To create the bookmark link for your phone, your phone is using three resources from this site. One, it’s grabbing a copy of this site’s favicon – the little graphic that represents this site (you might see it in a bookmark). Two, it’s getting the name of this site from the title tag in the HTML code. And three, it’s copying the URL of “” It’s all pretty simple in concept but your phone does the work for you – thank goodness!