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Bridgetown Welcomes New Tournament Co-Directors!

The Bridgetown Invitational Tournament, its board of directors, and dedicated committee members would like to announce the “passing of the baton” from previous tournament director, Nick Church, to 2019 Co-Directors:

Sam Hull & Kerrie Johnson

The following is from the desk of the co-directors:

We are proud to be a part of this unique organization and serve as your 2019 Co-Directors of the Bridgetown Invitational Tournament! We are excited to be involved in our committee’s continued collaboration efforts, and hope to drive increased participation in support of fundraising for our local events and charities. The strength, unity and camaraderie this community offers is so heartwarming, and being able to give back to the same community that has welcomed us with open arms is such an amazing opportunity!
We look forward to a fantastic 2019 Bridgetown Invitational and hope to see some new and familiar faces!

Both of these individuals have contributed greatly to our planning during the past year and have volunteered to step up and bring you a great tournament experience. The entire Bridgetown committee would like to thank Nick for his leadership through the 2018 tournament year and continued input as we continue planning our sixth annual event on October 18-20, 2019. We’ve got some new tricks up our sleeve this year for an incredible event and we’re looking forward to welcoming you back to the City of Roses in October 2019!

Everything You Wanted to Know About the 2019 Tournament


Thank you all for registering early and helping us fill the house! Keep a lookout for average/tournament confirmation sheets in upcoming weeks. We are looking forward to seeing you all at Kellogg Bowl in October!



What is the cost?:

How do I register?
Registration is Closed.

Can I mail my registration?
No, you must process your registration online, however you may mail your payment to:
Bridgetown Invitational Tournament
P.O. Box 80084
Portland, OR 97280

What is the handicap?
90% of 230 (We have a team average cap this year of 880), those who enter above 230 average receive zero handicap (No negative handicap will apply.)

I won a free entry, what do I do?
Congratulations! Enter your Free Entry Coupon Code on your registration form and your entry fee will automatically be deducted from your total!

Location, Location, Location!
Where will bowling be held?
Kellogg Bowl in Milwaukie, OR!  Click Here

What are the tournament rules?
Click here to view our 2019 Tournament Rules

Do you have a host hotel?
No, we do not have a host hotel, but we have several local spots to suggest in or around the area!
Click here for Local Stay options

What is the schedule of events?
Check-in begins at 615 PM Friday, October 18, 2019
To view our full schedule click here

What are your side-pots?

! (Scratch and Handicap) $5.00 per entry

Optional All Events
$10.00 – A separate pot with 80% payout – Expected Cash Ratio (based on 20 entries) is 1:4 – All Scores, with Handicap or Scratch, qualify to determine the all-events winner!

Morrison Mystery Doubles  –
 Pair up with a mystery date!  $5.00 per entry – A separate pot with 80% payout – Expected Cash Ratio (based on 20 entries) is 1:4 – All of your scores, with all of your mystery partner’s scores, with Handicap, combined to pay out!

Throughout the event, we’ll be running:

The Bridge is Still Standing 50/50 Skill Shot Pot – $1.00 per ticket
How does it work, you ask? If your ticket is drawn, you’ll draw a card between 3-8 — Your task, to win the pot, is to leave that number of pins STILL STANDING (cause in a city of bridges, we’re hoping they never fall down!)  If the person misses, the pot rolls over to the next event. (we’ll draw one chance per event.) If it rolls over all the way to the end of the last event, we’ll draw till someone wins!

Have more questions?
Have you looked here for information? https://bitbowl.org/tournament/

Question still not answered? Check out our contact page: https://bitbowl.org/contact-us/

Our 2019 Award: The MORRISON Bridge


Want this award? Registration opening soon!


This year’s Award is the 6th in the series of Portland Bridges. The Morrison Bridge.

The Morrison Bridge is a bascule bridge that spans the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon. Completed in 1958, it is the third bridge at approximately the same site to carry that name. It is one of the most heavily used bridges in Portland. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in November 2012.

The original Morrison Bridge (or Morrison Street Bridge) was a wooden truss swing-span bridge completed on April 12, 1887, as the first Willamette River bridge in Portland and the longest bridge west of the Mississippi River. It was named for the street it carried, which had been named for John L. Morrison, a Scottish immigrant who built the first home on Morrison Street. It was first a toll bridge (rates: horse-drawn rig – US $0.15, team of horses – $0.20, pedestrian – $0.05) but went toll-free in 1895.

The second Morrison was another swing bridge that was built in 1905. It was not designed for automobiles and the 1958 replacement was long overdue.

The first Morrison Bridge carried horsecars starting in March 1888, about a year after the bridge opened. Electric streetcars, introduced in Portland in November 1889, replaced horsecar service on the bridge in stages starting in 1890. Streetcars also crossed the second (1905) Morrison bridge, but not the third (1958), as the last lines of Portland’s past streetcar system had been abandoned by the time it opened.