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Goodbye to English Bay Cup Tournament

The message below was emailed to VEBC subscribers and posted on VEBC Facebook page.

October 12, 2022
Vancouver’s English Bay Cup (VEBC)

Dear Bowlers and Friends,

After 39 years, the Vancouver’s English Bay Cup Tournament has come to an end. With the imminent sale of our bowling house and no other viable houses to host us + nonviable entry fee due to increased costs of hotels, food and lineage + risk of low turnout for a last tournament in 2023 due to not having a tournament since 2020, we have decided to permanently end Vancouver’s English Bay Cup. We are unable to create an event that would be cost effective for our bowlers.

This was a very difficult decision to make and we regret that we were unable to end with one last hurrah tournament and party, but we want to thank everyone who has supported us over the years. We have become family over these years and although it is very sad that we won’t see you for a bowling tournament in Vancouver anymore, we will look for you all at other tournaments in the Pacific Northwest.

We wish you all the very best.

In fellowship and unity,
Thank you,

Nancy Kato, Michael Leclair, Neil Sexsmith, Dale Dobson

Thanks, Everyone!

The 2022 BIT is a wrap! We will be posting results and related information shortly.

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schedule of events
how to register
general information, tournament rules, awards, and more


Please note, BIT will be fully COVID-safe and compliant above and beyond any basic government health requirements, to do what we reasonably can to protect your health and safety and that of all attendees. That will include appropriate social distancing and other measures. We rely upon the state of Oregon and Washington County and will set parameters around masks, etc. based on their recommendations at the time of the event. Learn more.

The I-5 Showdown – It’s a Wrap.

First, Thank you very much for embracing the crazy idea we had. I have heard mostly good feedback and I’m excited to see this crazy thing happen again.

Top 8 Teams (out of round 1):

I-5 Certified vs. Heavy Hittas
Make it Happen vs. Bigger Than Rainier
Southern Sushi vs. Hold Your Horse
The Real OC vs. Monster Squad

Top 4 Teams:

I-5 Certified  vs. Bigger Than Rainier
Hold Your Horse vs. The Real OC

Top 2 Teams:

Championship Match: The Real OC vs. I-5 Certified

Congratulations to The I-5 Showdown Champion:

The Real OC (Oregon)


Finally, As determined by number of individual point wins.

Washington is the overall Points Winner – Final Score:
Washington: 99.5 Points
Oregon: 66.5 Points